Ongoing Market Research Activities

Current significant market trends include:

Previous Market Research Activities

A series of Market Studies and Reports were completed and marketed by Forward Concepts under the general title of Wireless Infrastructure Technology and Markets.

A series of 7 SDR Market and Technology Studies and Reports have been completed under contract to the Software Defined Radio Forum (SDRF). These reports are available to SDRF members. These reports are:

  1. SDR Market Segmentation and Sizing
  2. Cellular: Terminals and Infrastructure
  3. WiFi, WiMAX, and Beyond 3G / 4G
  4. The US Public Safety Market
  5. SDR Technology Study
  6. Cognitive Radio Market
  7. The Telematics Market

Input on your information interests and requrements are always appreicated and welcome!! And your opinions are especially welcome.

Broadband is becoming an increasingly essential enabler of personal, professional, and social success. No one should be on the wrong side of the digital divide. Our research activities are focused on key technologies, services, regulatory, spectrum, right-of-way access, etc. enablers that will facilitate rapid and successful deployments and productive use of Broadband by society. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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